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Main Streets Across the World 2019

Darren Yates

Head of EMEA Retail Research

Teléfono +44 203 296 3911


China street with Main Streets across the World 2019 title

The world’s most expensive shopping streets revealed

Main Streets Across the World – now in its 31st year – ranks high streets worldwide by their prime rental value. 

Combining insight on retail trends with a unique global proprietary data set of 448 high street retail rents, we rank the top shopping streets by their prime rental value.  

Top 20 Most Expensive Shopping Streets in the World*

The full edition includes a list of the most expensive shopping streets in 68 markets – the largest number we have ever included.

We also review global retail trends, including the growth of online retail, the value of the physical store and retail innovation.

Read the full report and view the Main Streets Across the World webcast:


Get the Main Streets Across the World report and find out how to access the global retail rental data.


Report authors Darren Yates, Head of EMEA Retail Research and James Shepherd, Head of Asia Pacific Research take 20 mins to discuss retail trends from online shopping statistics to the latest in-store retail innovations from around the world.

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