Property & Asset management of World Trade Centre Almeda Park

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The Challenge

Regain tenants’ confidence in a quality service in the park covering all aspects of management from installations to facilities and services. Align reality of leasing delivery with ongoing management post lease signature.

The Solution

We began managing one phase of this business park in 2008 and took over the remaining pahe in January 2009. After analysing the true needs of the park and its occupants we set out a clear business strategy alongside UBS to meet expectations where possible whilst at all times ensuring value for money in the services.

In a park where over 5.000 people work and “live” throughout the week it was essential to understand their needs and their concerns in order to make their day-to-day tasks more enjoyable. The park required a sense of order and belonging. We have implemented a series of services for our tenants which include a gym, laundry pick up service, ecological car wash, ecological fruit and vegetable delivery, a bus shuttle service, VIP parking, WTCAP employee card giving discounts from retailers in the area, a football league…...

The Results

As a result, tenant retention has been very high and new large space users have leased offices in the park without having to sacrifice rental levels in excess. Tenant satisfaction is high and there is a clear sense of unity and belonging.

Services used